For your convenience, we have compiled this idea section for people to share their Westin St John Travel Ideas....

"We like to rent a car at the St. Thomas airport and drive it to Red Hook. Then we put it on the Ferry Boat over to St. John"
Lisa, Florida

"Go on the Reef Bay Tour but book it at least a month before you travel"
Kevin, Illinois

"Always watch a Pats football game at Skinny Legs."
Cindy, Massachusetts

"I keep a journal of each visit I make each year to remember things to bring the next year, and also problems I had with our villa.  I also make a note of side trips and restaurants we liked.  I always bring a king size fitted sheet and put it on top of our king bed.  The westin never has fitted sheets and this really helps in making the bed each day.  We take reusable water bottles (like you take to the gym) to the bar and fill them up throughout the day with water-saves on trash and keeps you hydrated!  Also we always take a trip on Survivan!"
Laura, Oklahoma

We also take a fitted sheet (Regular King Size)--Just make sure it doesn't get taken at the mid-week cleaning.
For drinking water, we use a Brita filter/container and recycled bottles --saves a ton!
We keep a water jug in the car to rinse feet off before getting in.
We also rent a car on STT and bring over--Prefer (new cars)
David, San Francisco
If you have any ideas you would like to share about your Westin St John experiences or tips, please feel free to submit them. Include a First Name and City or State--Thanks in advance!