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Click on the Units Available tab. Search for the type of unit, dates, and price that interests you. Once you find what you want, send an email to the owner with the Ad Number in the subject line. The owner will then contact you directly. At that point, you deal directly with the owner. 


I acknowledge that any rental transaction made as a result of this inquiry is only between me and the Owner and that WestinStJohnRentals.com, and its owners, are to be held harmless against any losses incurred by me in that transaction.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Here is how our website works----
All Owners of Virgin Grand and Bay Vista are verified through the USVI Recorder of Deeds Office. 
All Owners of Coral Vista or Sunset Bay must verify their reservation with us prior to the listing going live on the site.
OWNERS--(Please Note: to list on our site, you must be an owner at the Westin St John Resort)
Virgin Grand and Bay Vista Owners will be verified at the USVI Recorder of Deeds Office.
Coral Vista and Sunset Bay Owners will need to have reservations emailed from their Dashboard to 
westinstjohnrentals@yahoo.com for verification.

Are you tired of the following situations---
Signing exclusive rental agreements? 
Handing over 10-50% of your rental proceeds?
Renting your incredible Westin St. John week at online auctions for peanuts?
Listing your week with huge timeshare rental sites next to thousands of other resorts?

If so, try us!!---------We focus solely on Westin St. John weeks—That is our one and only resort.

For a $35 payment through Paypal, you get a maximum six-month exposure of your week on our site. When someone wants to rent your unit, they will contact you directly! Then you handle all the rental details and you’ve got a deal! 
If you need to renew your Ad for another six-months, it will be only $35. Just be sure to notify us when it rents so we can mark it as “RENTED”. NOTE: All ads expire in six-months or check-in day, whichever comes first. One week per ad.

The process:
1.Call VSE to make sure your week is assigned and get a confirmation number.
2.Send a $35 payment via Paypal by clicking link below.

3. After your payment, email us with the week, unit number (if assigned), dates, confirmation number, asking price and your name and phone number (NOTE: your name and phone number will not be made public).
4.You’ll receive a confirmation email with your Ad number included.
5.        OPTIONAL: If you can provide photos of your unit (no people please) and a shot of the view, we'll list them for free to help with your rental. No copyrighted photos will be used. Renters really want to see what they are getting! Let's show off all of those renovations! If you can't attach files through the auto email feature, just email photos directly to us at: WestinStJohnRentals@yahoo.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us with them. 

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