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Marketplace Complex where the Starfish Market is locatedEntrance to Starfish MarketView of St John Market coming from the WestinView of the St John Market going toward the Westin
There is a small grocery section located right at the resort in the Mango Deli for those who need something quick. Plus the purchases can be charged to the room!

Off the resort property, there are a few other grocery shopping options. There is a newer, small grocery store named St. John Market which is within walking distance of the resort. It is only about 200 yards from the main gate. One challenge is that there is not a good sidewalk to it. Just remember the cars are driving on the left, so be careful! This is a great market with just about everything. They have all sorts of dry goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, freezer sections, and a fantastic “spirits” section.
St John Market----(340) 779-6001

One of the beautiful characteristics of St. John is its robust hills and mountains. This causes a bit of a problem for grocery shopping by foot, because there is a famous hill, dubbed Jacob’s Ladder, that separates the Westin from downtown. It is quite steep, just ask any of the vacationers who tried to get back to the Westin in their rental cars after a rain! Anyhow, there are a few other grocery options, but they are really for taxi riders or people with rental cars.

A small local market is located right past Jacob’s Ladder, it is called Pine Peace Market.

The largest grocery store on St. John is Starfish Market. It is located about 1.5 miles from the resort in the Marketplace Shopping Center. They have a large fresh fruit and vegetable section, a well-equipped deli counter with fresh fish, aisles of dry goods, fresh baked treats, dairy products, some prepared foods, liquor, and many freezer sections. They do have carts for your convenience to load all your goodies.
Starfish Market---(340)  779-4949